Commercial/ Industrial Property

While benefiting from the key features of our integrated solution, enjoy ease of management for commercial properties by the unique featured design especially for commercial industry needs. You can manage commercial areas, buildings or malls with features that meet the requirement of automation, real time collaboration and performance tracking in a better and more efficient way.

Commercial Property Management Benefits:

Residential Properties

All your residential property management on the go with integrated mobile apps for landlords, tenants and vendors to streamline the ongoing communications and perform all management operations more effectively. SmatProp comes with features that suit the modern property manager to bring efficiency to work by eliminating time consuming manual tasks with automation with the following benefits:

Student Accommodation

You will be able to manage multi-occupant leasing smartly by giving communication access to all the occupants through the tenant’s app. You will also be able to manage all the requests, inspections, work orders and reporting between multiple stakeholders, all from one place. SmatProp supports property managers to effectively perform their business operations and grow their business by establishing strong and transparent relationships with students, landlords, and service providers.

Benefits Include:

Holiday Homes

Manage short-term stay units efficiently and offer a great customer experience while they stay in your holiday homes. Just like tenants, short-term guests can also communicate with the property manager via the mobile app without the hassles of calls and leaving notes. They can also order food or other services within one app – offering a 360 service experience. With the features that support hospitality requirements, greet, serve and satisfy your short-term guest with ease and innovation.

Benefits include:

Storage Units

You will be able to track unit types, amenities and manage discounts, while streamlining the workflows through centralized communications, managing the maintenance and inventory control staff. We have developed unique features considering the storage units requires to control security for all users at the menu levels and even supports property managers to manage auctions for the warehouse space renting.

Benefits include:

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