Realtime Reconciliation

Our Systems integrate into banks easily allowing us to reconcile invoice payments in real time, get notifications of unpaid invoices and identify bad payment behaviour trends.

Easy Interest Application

Most landlords end up accepting late payments because they do not have time and patience to in force late payment interest on invoices, Automate Interest application on all your late invoice payments this also improves tenant payment attitude.


Delinquent Tenants are on the rise avoid losing revenue simply because you do not have a platform to report this all payment defaulters will be accessible to other future Landlords, Gone are the days where tenants are not accountable for honouring their payments.

Service Providers

Our team only onboards trusted and vetted service providers to allow tenants and Landlords access to verified service providers to assist with day to day property maintenance.

Credit / Tenant History Checks

Quick affordability and history checks allow you to understand who you are trusting with your property, Let out your property to tenants you are 100% sure they can afford your property.

Payment Reminders

Avoid forgetting to send out invoices this causes delays in payments automate rental payment reminders, improve rental collection timelines.

Flexible Payment Options

Affordable packages to allow you to get right on to manging your property, avoid costly third party fees, choose the best payment option that suits your pocket, options that do not break the bank

Lease Management

Both Landlords and Tenants are at legal risk by not monitoring expired lease agreements, Avoid legal loop holes that might affect your financial pocket.

Relevant Lease Agreement Templates

We have specialised legal consultants who draft reusable legal relevant contract templates that can be utilised for no additional fees.

Expenses Management

Understand your expenses and how they compare to your income this improves who to allocate specific expenses and manage your profit and loss exposure.

Onboarding / Check out Lists

Keep a digital record of the property checklist to manage property exits, deposit applications towards maintenance and repayments.

White Labelled Platform

Quick and easy personalised logo and colour upload for a customised customer experience, Look professional with just a few clicks, own your own brand.


Get various reports you can use for status update,  financial reporting and decision making.

Multi Country Support

Our platform supports multiple country and multi currency support, bill your invoices in any currency

Repair Allocation

Allocate repair funds avoid unprepared maintenance costs.

Online payments

Accept online payments from your tenants via different payment methods: Credit card / debit card Instant Bank transfer Selected Stores

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